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Let's Design Your Innovation-Focused Journey with New Generation Consultancy Services

We completely reshape your experience and processes. We understand the needs of your target audience and employees and develop customized solutions for common goals. We help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently with our services such as Customer Experience (CX) Design Consultancy, Employee Experience (EX) Consultancy, and UX/UI Consultancy. By increasing the satisfaction of your employees, we strengthen your company culture and contribute to your competitive advantage.

Let us redesign your business processes and workflow experiences together

By understanding the needs of your customers and employees, we develop solutions that meet common goals.

UX/UI Consultancy

We offer expert consultancy on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) with our service focusing on design processes in order to maximize customer satisfaction and user experience. We develop solutions that will make you stand out on digital platforms with user-friendly, aesthetic and functional designs. Working with you, we focus on discovering the keys to delivering an experience that exceeds users' expectations.


Customer Experience (CX) Design Consultancy

As Liz Consulting, we offer special CX consultancy services to strengthen customer experience and make your business stand out from the competition. With our customer-focused strategies, we help you create a loyal customer base by increasing user satisfaction. Get in touch and discover how you can take steps to create more meaningful connections with your customers.


Employee Experience (EX) Consultancy

Liz Consulting offers custom EX consulting to strengthen the employee experience that underpins your business's success. As a team, we optimize your business processes, encourage innovation and increase the satisfaction of your employees by strengthening your business culture. If you want to increase efficiency, strengthen employee loyalty and stand out in the competition, meet Liz Consulting's EX consultancy service. Get in touch and let's plan the steps to be taken together to perfect your business's employee experience.


Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Design

Liz Consulting offers an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) service specifically designed for your business's most valuable assets: your employees. We create a comprehensive EVP strategy to strengthen your business culture, maximize the potential of your employees, and stand out from the competition. Our EVP Design process focuses on increasing employee satisfaction and retention, as well as strengthening your recruitment and retention strategies. By working with Liz Consulting, you can create an effective value proposition to attract, motivate and develop your business's employees.

Corporate Transformation Consultancy

Corporate transformation is a way to make your organizational and business ways more efficient, innovative and competitive. Here are the services we offer you:

1. Strategic Reassessment: We help you align your business strategies and goals with current market conditions. We guide you to develop new strategies to adapt to changing dynamics.

2. Improvement of Business Processes: We review your operational processes and redesign them to make them more efficient. This helps you increase productivity while reducing costs.

3. Technological Transformation: We offer you the latest technological solutions to accelerate your digital transformation. We enable you to effectively use technology to automate your business processes, use data analytics and improve customer experience.

4. Organizational Structure Changes: We encourage better collaboration and communication by making structural changes between business units, departments or teams.

5. Human Resources Development: We offer training programs and leadership development services to prepare your staff for transformation. We support you in managing cultural change.

6. Customer Focus: We encourage you to adopt a customer-focused approach to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your competitiveness.

As the partner that guides your corporate transformation, we aim to increase your long-term sustainability, strengthen your competitive advantage and carry your business into the future. To successfully implement change, we collaborate with all your stakeholders and offer solutions specific to your organization's needs. We are here to support you on your transformation journey.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

When you work with us, you get the expertise and support you need to drive your digital transformation and move your business into the future. With the services we offer, we create the digital strategy of your business, optimize business processes and effectively adopt new technologies. Here are the main services we provide for you:

  1. Digital Strategy Development: We design digital strategies that suit the unique needs of your business and determine your steps to make these strategies successful.

  2. Technology Compatibility and Transformation: We seamlessly manage the transition to new technologies and integrate the most appropriate digital tools for your business.

  3. Data Analytics and Big Data Management: We use advanced analytical methods to understand your data and make data-driven decisions.

  4. Business Process Transformation: We review your business processes and increase the efficiency of your business by promoting automation.

  5. Digital Security and Risk Management: We create a strong digital security strategy to protect your business against cyber threats.

  6. Training and Awareness: We help your staff increase their digital skills and support spreading your digital transformation to every level of your organization.


Working with us helps you accelerate your business' digital transformation, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. We guide you to keep up with the rapidly changing dynamics of the business world and prepare more strongly for the future. The success of our customers is our top priority and we are here to make your digital transformation processes a success.

Strategy and Management Consultancy

We help businesses increase their success and achieve their long-term goals. With the services we offer, we enable businesses to be more competitive and maintain their leading positions in the market. Here is a summary of the strategic management consultancy services we offer:

  1. Strategic Planning: We help businesses determine their long-term goals and plan how to achieve these goals.

  2. Business Development: We develop strategies to open up to new markets and offer new products and services. We support the growth of businesses.

  3. Performance Management: We guide businesses to monitor, analyze and improve their performance.

  4. Market Research: We determine the needs and opportunities of the market, conduct competitive analysis and prepare businesses for market changes.

  5. Improving Operational Efficiency: We review business processes and develop improvement strategies so businesses become more efficient and cost-effective.

  6. Crisis Management: We create and help implement fast and effective response strategies in times of crisis.

  7. Leadership Development: We strengthen the leaders of the business, develop their leadership skills and contribute to the training of future leaders.

By working with us, you can help your business create a better roadmap, optimize its strategies and adapt to the changing business world. Our strategic consulting services help your business gain a competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth.

Sales and Marketing Consultancy

We are here to support the success of businesses and enable them to grow. With our sales and marketing consultancy services, we help you gain a competitive advantage by promoting your products and services more effectively. The services we offer help businesses increase their marketing activities, increase their sales and establish stronger relationships with their customers. Developing Marketing Strategies: We create marketing strategies that fit the unique needs of your business. We enable you to reach your target audience more effectively.

  1. Digital Marketing: We help you use digital channels effectively to strengthen your online presence. We offer you support in areas such as SEO, social media marketing and content management.

  2. Brand Management: We develop strategies to increase your brand's awareness and reputation. We ensure that your brand is communicated strongly and consistently.

  3. Improving Sales Processes: We offer customized strategies to increase the productivity of your sales teams. We enable you to make more sales and increase your income.

  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): We help you strengthen your customer relationships. We are experts in CRM systems to increase customer loyalty and establish closer relationships with your customers.

  5. Market Research: We help you base your strategies on this data by analyzing market dynamics and competitors. We follow market trends closely.

  6. Training and Development: We design and implement special training programs to improve the sales and marketing skills of your business personnel. We ensure that your team achieves success.

We are here to play an important role in adapting to the rapidly changing dynamics of the business world and contribute to the success of our customers. At Liz Consulting, we would be delighted to collaborate with you and support the growth of your business.

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