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In today's business world, fast and reliable technical service management has become more critical than ever. When devices and equipment fail, the problem must be resolved quickly and customer satisfaction must be maintained. This is where, a technical service and device repair tracking software, comes into play.

What is is a comprehensive software platform that allows you to manage technical service operations and device repair more efficiently and effectively. By providing the perfect solution for your business, it simplifies your processes and helps you achieve better results.

What Can You Do With

  • Technical Service Management: allows you to manage all your technical service processes from a single center. You can easily perform operations such as creating requests, assigning services, tracking and reporting.

  • Device Tracking and Monitoring: Provides more transparency to customers by tracking the repair process of devices step by step. You can instantly see where the device is, how long it will take to repair and when it will be delivered.

  • Customer Communication: helps you strengthen communication with your customers. It helps you increase customer satisfaction by providing tools for automatic notifications, updates and customer feedback.

  • Data and Analytics: Provides data and analytics tools to track your business performance. It helps you make data-driven decisions and improve your processes.

Your Earnings with

  • Time Saving: It minimizes time losses by automating your technical service processes.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Monitoring and informing your customers about repair processes increases their satisfaction.

  • Greater Productivity: Your service teams work more efficiently and complete their jobs faster.

  • More Revenue: More effective technical service management increases your business's revenues. is a reliable partner to optimize your business's technical service and device repair processes and increase customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more and find out how you can get started. We will be happy to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of your business.

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Lizsoft 'Sign' is powerful software that enables businesses to digitally sign important documents quickly, securely and effectively. This innovative software, developed especially for companies that are sensitive in their operations such as shipping, provides time and cost savings while maximizing the security and convenience of paperwork.

Lizsoft 'Sign' enables delivery notes of outgoing products to be easily digitally signed by delivery drivers. During this process, our software integrates location services and automatically takes pictures for product delivery. Thus, it provides reliable monitoring and verification at every stage. It is designed to uninterrupt your workflow while making your business' shipping processes more transparent and reliable.

With Lizsoft 'Sign', your business reduces the complexity of paperwork and takes an environmentally friendly approach by keeping paper consumption to a minimum. At the same time, it maximizes data security with secure and transparent signature processes and provides strict protection against manipulation of documents.

Features available with Lizsoft 'Sign' include:

  1. Fast Digital Signing: Speeds up your business' paperwork and optimizes your workflow.

  2. Location Integration: Verifies the location of your products at every stage and provides reliable tracking.

  3. Image Verification: Provides verifiability by automatically recording images of product deliveries.

  4. Data Security: Provides protection against data manipulation with strict security measures.

  5. Easy Integration: It is easily integrated into your existing business processes and offers a seamless experience with its user-friendly interface.

  6. Lizsoft 'Sign' helps you increase security and efficiency while digitizing your business' document processes. While it facilitates the shipping processes of your business, it also supports your sustainability principles by adopting an environmentally friendly approach.

  7. Please contact us for detailed information and find out how we can help you in your business' digital transformation journey.

  8. Lizsoft 'Sign' is with you as a reliable partner in your business' digitalization journey. While increasing efficiency, it never neglects safety.

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